Hands-on energy healing and Reiki are two of the alternative healing practices I incorporate.  Energy healing in addition to modern medicine, compliment, and aids in healthcare therapies.


My belief is energy healing promotes health and well-being, not only in the physical but the spiritual aspect.  I have first-hand accounts of the benefits and positive attributes and outcomes of using this approach.   


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak at present, I am available for remote healing and/or object-infused healing.  I can place healing energy into an object by holding the object between my hands and transferring the energy into it.  I prefer using a piece of paper with an affirmation, and once done, I place it into a sealed envelope for the recipient.  




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As a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving, I would suggest an image from my photography section, the back embossed with a positive affirmation for healing.  Bulk orders available upon request.


Fees available upon request


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Energy Healing